New ETBF Level I Coaches from Russia

Eleven new coaches completed the ETBF Level I Coaching program in Saint-Petersburg, Russia between 22-24 October with Maksim Tereshchenko in coordination with Russian Federation. We thank Maksim and Russian Federation to support ETBF programs.

The coaching candidates are:

  • Volobueva Irina - Kursk

  • Sergeev Alexandr - Saint-Petersburg

  • Sergeeva Aleksandra - Saint - Petersburg

  • Anipko Alexandr - Volgograd

  • Kuznetsov Konstantin - Omsk

  • Mitrofanov Vladimir - Nizhny Novgorod

  • Vologin Gennadiy - Kazakhstan

  • Adrianov Alexey - Saint - Petersburg

  • Ruzankin Yuriy - Irkutsk

  • Kim Vadim - Uzbekistan

  • Kirienko Andrei - Chelyabinsk


ETBF Instructors' Technical Seminars took place in Czech Republic

ETBF Instructors Marios Nicolaides and Costas Mitsingas presented a special Technical Seminar Lane Maintenance and Ball Motion in Charles University - Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Center in Prague with 108 participants. We thank  Czech Bowling Association for hosting such a great event and thank participants for their attention and interest.

ETBF has completed an ETBF Level II Clinic in Rijssen with NBF with visits from our President Addie Ophelders and NBF President Bob Schut

ETBF Educational Committee has completed an Level II Coaching Clinic in Rijssen, Holland with instructors Juha Maja and Onder Gurkan  between 5-8 January 2018. The clinic is also assisted by two ETBF Level III Coaches Ben van Spronsen and Wendy Haak - who were also certified to become Level II Instructors. At the end of the clinic, ETBF President Addie Ophelders and NBF Presiden Bob Schut joined us and presented the certificates to the students.


We thank NBF for a great organization and their support to ETBF programs. We also thank 't Witte Hoes - the host center, and Elco Gorter for one of the best amazing hosting in ETBF history.

Here are the Level II Candidates who completed the 4 day program:

  • Bep Klaassen
  • Bert Breems
  • Edwin ten Brink
  • Gustaaf Kamphorst
  • John Luijendijk
  • Mayk de Haan
  • Monica Koudstaal
  • Peter van Zijp
  • Ramon van der Horst
  • Stenny Zwartjens
  • Tiannne Vogelezang
  • Tony van Wijland

Seven Level I coaches completed their 150 hours and get their certificates in The Netherlands

Six new coaches who trained by ETBF Level III coaches Ben van Spronsen and Wendy Haak completed their 150 hours of coaching practice and get their ETBF certificates during the Level II Clinic in Rijssen, Holland.

  • Bert Breems
  • Gustaaf Kamphorst
  • Hélène de Haan
  • John Luijendijk
  • Ramon van der Horst
  • Stenny Zwartjens
  • Tony van Wijland

The Netherlands has two new Level II Instructors now

After their training and evaluation during Level II Coaching Clinic (5-8 January 2017, Rijssen,  Holland), ETBF Level III Coaches Wendy Haak and Ben van Spronsen are certified as Level II Program Instructors. They are trained with the latest updates of Level II program and latest physical exercises on the lanes.

ETBF now has four ETBF Instructors and five certified Level II Program Instructors to give the Level II program.


BTBA trained 105 ETBF Level I Coahes in 2 years! BTBA passed the 100 barrier with their latest Farnborough BTBA Foundation / ETBF Level 1 course.

We are happy to announce the latest numbers from ETBF Level III Coach and ETBF Level I-II Instructor Mark Heathorn that BTBA Foundation / ETBF Level I programs passed the 100 student barrier since their first course in May 2015.

With their last 16 coaching candidates from Farnborough BTBA Foundation / ETBF Level 1 course BTBA reached 105 trained coaching students. We congratulate and thank BTBA management, Terry Searle, Andy Penny and of course Mark Heathorn for his amazing performance.

We also thank all coaching students who participated in those courses for the future of our sport. We appreciate your time and effort

Here are the latest 16 Coaching candidates from Farnborough BTBA Foundation / ETBF Level 1 course from 24-26 November 2017:

  • Maurie Phillott
  • Neil Taylor
  • Diane Dobinson
  • Rhian Dobinson
  • Carly Bushell
  • Clifford Laysell
  • Bob Harris 
  • Rowena Gallagher
  • Martin Dunford
  • Ross Claydon
  • Nicholas Peek
  • Nathan Montgomery
  • Sam Collins
  • Chris Collins
  • Roldan Aquino
  • Jacqui Barlow-Trusler




ETBF Referee Training Program was completed in Slovenia

Slovenian Bowling Federation hosted an ETBF Referee Training clinic between September 30 – October 1 with ETBF Technical Delegate and Instructor Marios Nicolaides and all participants successfully completed the program.


Participants who earned the ETBF Referee Training Program Certificate:

  • Andrej Pungartnik
  • Borut Knavs  
  • Dejan Gantar   
  • Edo Progar
  • Gorazd Kavcic  
  • Grega Zimic  
  • Joško Hlede 
  • Ljubo Nedimovic
  • Miha Gramc   
  • Natasa Pirc Musar  
  • Rade Bojic   
  • Robi Godnic
  • Silvija Volaric   
  • Tomaz Stare  
  • Ursa Dobravec  
  • Vlado Golja  
  • Ziga Cerar
  • Zoran Gerold   

4th ETBF Level III Coaching Clinic was completed in Kuortane, Finland

4th Level III Coaching program, was completed with 12 new graduates from 7 federations after 6 heavy training days with the classes from ETBF Instructors Juha Maja, Piritta Maja, Onder Gurkan, Gediz Ege and International Instructor Kimmo Yli-Jaskari.

All participants have also joined the new ETBF Level I Instructors program and performed the written, and on-the-lanes tests. 

2017 Graduates of Level III Program:

  • Adam Vondracek, Czech Rep.
  • Andy Penny, England
  • Heidi Thorstensen, Norway
  • Jiri Beran, Czech Rep.
  • Johan Ekström, Sweden
  • Oleksandr Shcherbinin, Ukraine
  • Or Aviram, Israel
  • Peter Hellström, Sweden
  • Robert Blom, Sweden
  • Stefan Claessen, Iceland
  • Svein Åke Ek, Norway
  • Tomas Hluch, Czech Rep.

ETBF Ball Drilling and Proshop Management Clinic was completed in Kuortane, Finland.

As one of the side events of iCoach 2017 - ETBF International Coaching Conference, ETBF Instructors Gediz Ege and Costas Mitsingas were completed another successful Ball Drilling andProshop Management Clinic. Nine new ball drillers successfully completed the program as follows:

  • Stefán Claessen
  • Martin Štěpánek
  • Menno Van Den Heuvel
  • Stephan Verheijen
  • Calvin Murray
  • Christopher Hillman
  • Paavo Muhonen
  • Niko Aleksi Paananen
  • Simon Susiluoto

ETBF Level I and Level II Instructors Course in Kuortane, Finland

ETBF Educational Committee completed two Instructors clinic for Level I and Level II Coaching programs. Leif Espen Skjegstad from Norway completed ETBF Level I Instructor Program with ETBF Instructor Piritta Maja. Andy Penny from England and Mohammed Janahi from Bahrain completed ETBF Level II Instructor program with ETBF Instructor Juha Maja.

ETBF Level II Coaching Clinic in Kuortane, Finland

As one of the side events of iCoach 2017 - ETBF International Coaching Conference, ETBF Educational Committee completed another Level II Coaching Clinic with Instructors Piritta Maja, Juha Maja, and Onder Gurkan. Four new coaches completed the program successfully:
- Or Aviram, Israel
- Robi Godnic, Slovenia
- Guðjón Júlíusson, Iceland
- Skúli Freyr Sigurðsson, Iceland


New ETBF Level 1 / BTBA Foundation Coach Course I / Sheffield, England

BTBA hosted another coaching event in Sheffield. ETBF Level 1 / BTBA Foundation Coach Course I was delivered at MFA between 1-3 September 2017 by ETBF Level II Coach and Level I Instructor Mark Heathorn. Thanks to BTBA for their support to ETBF programs and all people who assisted this project. Three new coaching candidates are as follows:

  • Cheryl Mair
  • Sally Thorley
  • Neville Nock