Letter from Our President

To: Our ETBF Member Federations

Board of Directors, Coaching Committees, Coaches, Bowling Centers

The Presidium of ETBF, more specific the chairman of our Coaching Committee Mr. Onder Gurkan, was recently informed by many of our member federations that the number of athletes in sport bowling are declining. We are having less people interested in bowling, we are having more bowlers quitting as they cannot improve and we have lack of interest from the youth.

What could be an answer to that problem? ETBF, as governing body of bowling in Europe, believes “education” and/or “coaching” is one of the answers. The more and better coaches we have, the more chances we have for having new bowlers.

Modern bowling of today has many requirements such as (not limited to):

a. more athletic players,

b. power efficient fundamentals,

c. a better understanding of our environment and equipment.

ETBF Coaching programs provide a dynamic methodology to fulfill the requirements of today’s conditions. Our programs focus on the biomechanics of the game, efficiency of the technique and provide a strong methodology of teaching that accelerates the learning process. Our base concept is teaching the game faster and accordingly we provide many teaching exercises to help coaches train bowlers immediately. The methodology of ETBF Coaching has been tested the last five years and we have very successful results.

As ETBF Presidium, we believe that our member federations have to evaluate their existing coaching programs and consider a cooperation with ETBF for possibilities to integrate their programs with the ETBF Coaching Programs.

What do ETBF Coaching Programs offer?

- ETBF, as governing body of Tenpin Bowling in Europe, is recognized by Olympic Committees and all sports authorities of nations.

- ETBF follows EU’s 5 level Coaching structure and provides (at the moment) 3 levels of coaching programs.

- ETBF aims to have a unified educational program for our coaches, as many other sports have, to improve our sport. We try to generate a network of information between coaches to provide the latest information, research, data and experiences.

- ETBF Coaching programs are easy to teach and learn. They were tested in many developing and developed countries, training centers and many federations. In today’s time limited environment, providing “a fast learning” option to new bowlers is inevitable for gathering more numbers.

- ETBF programs are dynamic. We update them continuously when we have new data or research and share them immediately with coaches under the program. Accordingly ETBF also organizes technical clinics, seminars and coaching conferences* as well.

- ETBF follows the biomechanical requirements of modern game and provides solutions for maximum efficiency with minimum power while protecting the body of the athletes.

- ETBF Level I and Level II Coaching programs can be applied as full four-day clinics or two-day weekend clinics according to your needs. If you wish to use the whole ETBF program we can run a 4 day clinic or if you already have an existing system we can do a two day weekend clinic for your coaches to present ETBF Coaching methodology for modern bowling.

- ETBF can provide “recognition” and “certification” to your programs by integrating ETBF to your national coaching programs. Your coaches can also become “ETBF Certified Coaches” and be recognized all over the Europe.

Please feel free to contact Onder Gurkan – Chairman of ETBF Educational Committee for more details and options to be part of European Coaching development.

With sport greetings,

On behalf of the ETBF Presidium


Addie Ophelders