1. Level III certification is a prerequisite for being ETBF Level 1 Certified instructor.
  2. A current ETBF Level 3 Coach can participate in the ETBF Level 1 Instructor Course and after completing the course and passing the examinations they become a ETBF Level 1 Instructor. They can conduct ETBF Level 1 Clinics with the approval of and in co-operation with, the hosting National Federation. Participants of these Clinics follow the same Certification process as participants of ETBF PROGRAMS.
  3. A participant of an ongoing ETBF Level 3 Clinic can inform ETBF in advance that they wish to participate in the Level 1 Instructor testing day after the ETBF Level 3 Clinic. Testing day is one day of written examination, classroom presentation and on-lane demonstration. ETBF Instructors review the performance of these examinations and demonstrations and have the right to either pass it or fail it. The ETBF Committee can also allow Level II coaches to enter the ETBF Level 1 Instructor Course if the course will be held just before the Level III Clinic that the coach will participate in.
  4.  Failure in both cases will be evaluated by the instructors and a personal preparation program and method to re-enter the exam will be provided for participants.

Graduates of previous Level III programs must apply for ETBF Level 1 Certified Instructor program or run their first event with an ETBF instructor to be approved - if they did not present any Level I programs before January 2017.

The fees of the ETBF Level 1 Instructor Course and ETBF Level 1 Instructor Examination day will be announced later.


The ETBF Level 2 Certified Instructor program will start in the last quarter of 2017. ETBF will schedule a 4-5-day Clinic at the ETBF Official Training and Education Centre (Kuortane, Finland) for training the candidates put forward by their federations to conduct Level II programs in their country. At the end of the Clinic, the ETBF Instructor(s) will review the performance of the participant and approve a pass or not. In a failure case, the National Federation will get a report from the ETBF Instructor about the participant’s performance and which topics need more practice and the process of the reevaluation.

The same program can also be delivered at the local Federation by inviting the ETBF instructors.

Participants of the L2 Instructor course must be active Level I Instructors.

The fees of the ETBF Level 2 Instructor Course will be announced later.