It is our goal to follow ENSSSHE’s (The European Network of Sport Sciences in Higher Education) 5-level structure for the recognition of coaching qualifications in EU.

ETBF provides Level I, II and III Coaching programs for the member federations to create a coaching development base and we also will recognize other member federations’ programs for equity levels.

ETBF Educational Committee is providing Level I, Level II and Level III Coaching programs to all federations. Our programs are presented as National or International Clinics.


In National clinics (Levels I and II) our instructors visit the country concerned and do the clinics in coordination with the national federations.

International clinics are scheduled clinics and will be hosted in our Official or ETBF Approved Training Centres. They are suitable for the federations who have only a few candidates. Level III clinics are hosted only in our Official Training Center, in Kuortane, Finland

All our programs are continuously updated by our committee following the worldwide developments in bowling sports.

Level I is for coaches who will coach beginner bowlers and children. It is quite important for the development of bowling in all countries, as those coaches will assist people interested in sports of bowling and create a basis for new bowlers. Level I coaches can also assist Level II and III coaches. There is no prerequisite for Level I.

Level II coaching program targets bowlers who are entering competitive bowling.

Level III is the highest ETBF education and is targeted for those who are running national programs and for those who work for bowling coaching on a professional basis.

All levels except Level I require previous level program certification and member federation approval.

ETBF will also convert approved previous Level A certificates to Level I and Level B certificates to Level II.

Clinic levels and durations of clinics

Levels for coaching clinics


Level I

4 days, 30 Hours (4 X 7.5 hours)

Level II

4 days, 30 Hours (4 X 7.5 hours)

Level III

6 days, 45 hours (6 X 7.5 hours)

Level I + Level II

9 days with one day off in between
(Please  contact us for alternative programs)

Approval of the coaching certificates

All coaching candidates must complete practical hours after the clinic to complete their education. These hours must be approved by their member federation. This approval must be send to ETBF to certify candidates as “ETBF Certified Instructor/Coach”.

Level Minimum hours Duration
Level I 150 hours 8 months
Level II 200 hours 8 months

Educational program fees

Federations who apply for the clinics have to pay a fee of € 300 to ETBF and € 1.200 for 3 or 4 day clinics per instructor (the number of instructors depends on the number of students).

Federations must also pay travel expenses, accommodation and food costs for the coaches during their stay.

All payments must be done to ETBF an invoice prior the commencement of the clinic.

Requirements for the clinics

ETBF Clinics are usually given in English (depending on the country). It is recommended to have a translator who is familiar with the bowling terminology.

All clinics require theoretical and practical classes. Accordingly our instructors need a silent/quiet classroom for the theoretical parts. Our classes usually require projector and a white board.

Our practical classes are on-the-lanes programs. Our coaching clinics require free lanes enough for the participants and a silent environment for a more efficient instruction/class.

All necessary requirements will be sent to the federation before the clinic.

Applying for an educational program

Federations can apply for a coaching program by filling in the Application form for educational clinics (ETBF701), which can be found in the Publication section of this site. The filled in application must be send to Onder Gurkan at