As a part of the Educational Programs and Certification Programs ETBF Presidium decided to give accreditation to Bowling Training Centres, who are helping to develop our sport and provide high standards of Bowling Education.

The evaluation process is based on three major fields:

  • The facility includes the evaluation of the dedicated lanes for training center, the condition of the lanes, lane machines, digital analysis hardware and software, classrooms and presentation opportunities. Extra possibilities within or around the center such as fitness centers, leisure time facilities, food and accommodation options are seen as additional values for such a facility.
  • The coaches should have a certification (preferably ETBF certification) good level of bowling sports education and experience.
  • The facility should follow a defined educational program that has been approved by ETBF to provide consistency and high level of information.

The ETBF Presidium believes that supporting those facilities is of utmost importance to develop our sport to higher levels. Bowling Training Centres are accepted as rare valuable assets because they are only dedicated for bowling education.

Kuortane Bowling Training Center
Kuortane High Performance Olympic Training Center, Kuortane, Finland
Web site
Provided Classes:
ETBF Level I – Level II *- Level III *Coaching Classes (English)
ETBF Level I – Level II - Level III Bowling Classes (English - Finnish)
All Levels of Bowling Training, (English - Finnish)
High Performance Athlete Training (English - Finnish)

Trianka Bowling Academy
Rollhouse, Ankara, Turkey
Provided Classes:
ETBF Level I – Level II * Coaching Classes (Special Clinics, English)
ETBF Level I – Level II - Level III Bowling Classes (English - Turkish)

* These programs require an ETBF Instructor.

Kegel Training Center
Lake Wales, Florida, USA
Provided Classes:
All Levels of Bowling Training (English)